Teacher Mentoring
Through ECHO

What is ECHO model?

The ECHO Model is a mentorship model which uses video conferencing technology to leverage scarce resources in order to reach under served areas. It has four pillars - Technology, didactic session, case presentation and outcome measurement.

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Buoyed by the amazing international success of ECHO Model in Healthcare, Ambience Public School, Safdarjung Enclave applied the model to mentoring School Teachers in order to improve their skill sets. ECHO involves a participative model where knowledge is not just imparted from mentors to participants, but among participants as well.

Teacher Mentoring Through ECHO Model

Research has found that the quality of teachers is the single most important factor that affects student performance all other factors (economic status, private vs. public schooling, urban vs. rural, medium of instruction etc.) being equal. This program adopted the philosophy behind Project ECHO for Capacity Building of teachers by mentoring them using video conferencing technology.

The program has the following eight modules



This involved 4 focus areas – Phonological awareness, Vocabulary, Fluency, and Comprehension. The reason for selecting the topic was that reading is an acquired skill and ASER 2014 AND 2016 show that students of grades 6 are not able to meet reading standards of grade 2.



Improving mathematical competency and skill sets of teachers teaching Grades 4-7 because the ASER surveys have shown that students are failing the grades and are not meeting the expected standards.

Mindfulness and wellbeing


As educators and adults who are responsible for shaping and influencing the lives of the younger generation it is rather necessary to be centered and anchored ourselves. Research has shown that teacher is the most important and valuable resource and a teacher has a great impact on a child's personality. To this effect, Ambience Public School in association with Project ECHO India has taken this initiative of starting an ECHO

Education collaborative


This program focuses on teaching teachers Instructional planning. Today the world is changing at a rapid pace and with the research and our newfound understanding of how children learn we need to shift the focus from teacher centric education to student centric education. The course equips teachers with the understanding and knowledge to design an innovative curriculum keeping the standard grade level expectancies in mind

English module (Grade 1 to 8)


These include comprehension skills like preparational skills, organisational skils, elaboration and meta cognition. Apart from this, teachers will be trained how to teach writing skills, build lesson plans and create innovative lessons.



Focussing on ‘How to make the Teaching of Science Hands on and build a Scientific Temperament in students’ this module has teachers from various private schools in India logging in at a predetermined time and date.

Preventive Health


Build capacity of Main Stream Teachers, School Counsellors, School Nurses, Administrators and Coordinators to help a healthy and supportive environment at School. The program also aims at helping the participants identify early signs of any disturbance/concerns and address these needs so as to ensure happier and well adjusted students. Through case based learning participants can share their challenges and be guided by experts to co manage them.

Story Telling


Build capacity of English Language Teachers and School Counsellors in India to use Story Telling as a medium to improve their student’s literacy development and increase community cohesion. Create opportunities, through ECHO’s case based virtual communities of practice to link local educators in India with specialist expert teams who mentor the Teachers and Counsellors through complex student needs and challenges.

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On an average there are two sessions per month in each subject of an hour and fifteen minutes duration. Sessions are held through video conferencing with the help of zoom software provided free of cost by ECHO India. Sessions involve Power Point presentations, participative interaction, case discussions, videos.

The efficacy of this program was evaluated through a pre-post retrospective test. Every session is also being evaluated through surveys being filled in by the participants.

Our Resource Team

Mrs. Anuradha Rai

Team lead and resource person


Mrs. Sakshi Sethi

Resource person


Mrs. Shailesh Bhandari

Resource person


Ms. Mehak Wadwa

Resource person


Advantages of participating
Teachers and Schools

Once school management is committed to participating in the program, a one-day orientation session is held for all participants, during which they are trained in the ECHO methodology and how to use the provided software for teleconferencing.

New Initiatives

Seeing the success of the initial modules five new initiatives were started.

Pre-Requisites for Enrolling in the Program

  • Minimum one teacher each for English, Science and for Mathematics.
  • Willingness of teachers and school administration to participate in the program. The success of ECHO model depends on the motivation of the participants.
  • Commitment from school management to set aside time on participating teachers’ schedules for the project sessions, and to ensure the teachers are engaged as the sessions will be typically held in the morning.
  • Availability of a minimum of 2 MBPS reliable, continuous and dedicatedbroadband connection.
  • A dedicated computer / laptop for each teacher to participate in the sessions.
  • Uninterrupted electricity so that sessions are not interrupted.
  • Willingness of teachers to be assessed before and after the completion ofthe program.
  • Willingness of school management to sign an agreement with ECHO India / Project ECHO UNM that the methodology will not be used by the school for commercial purposes, and the findings of the study will be published jointly by ECHO / participating institution.