Commitment to community and our environment

We believe in the inter relatedness of self and environment and our role in building a more peaceful and happy world. Through activities designed to sensitize the students towards their responsibility towards themselves, their inner and external environment, the society and the planet, our students are learning to be model citizens and thought leaders of tomorrow.

We take our roles as the custodians of the planets very seriously and walk the talk. In addition to rain water harvesting with a sewerage treatment plant, we recycle the waste water for irrigation purposes thus not just conserving resources but also sensitizing our students towards the need to do so. Students are encouraged to forge ties with nature with students having their own little green patches to work in.

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Students’ Rights and Responsibilities


  • To feel safe
  • To be loved and appreciated
  • To be heard
  • To receive high quality education consistent with the scope of the school
  • To be treated fairly
  • To be respected and study in an unbiased environment irrespective of race, colour, caste, religion, gender or ethnicity
  • I have a right to receive information about the progress of my ward


  • I will uphold the mission of the school and follow the three principles of respect, resourcefulness and responsibility
  • I need to respect the school decorum and abide by school rules
  • To furnish complete and authentic information about the academic, medical and social emotional background which may be necessary to understand the student’s needs.
  • I promise to be a partner in the teaching and learning process
  • I promise to put in my best effort in everything I do
  • I promise to be respectful to the school staff and school property
  • I promise to always maintain highest standard of behavior and ethics and not indulge in any activities that will disrupt the discipline of the school or bring disrepute to my institution
  • I will be a responsible member of the society and live up to my role as a custodian of my planet conserving resources

House list

  • Wings Of Wisdom (Blue)
  • Wings Of Truth (Green)
  • Wings Of Integrity (Yellow)
  • Wings Of Courage (Red)


Environment Club- EARTHWATCHERS

The Environment club at Ambience aims to create Leaders for Environmental Awareness and Protection among our students. The club gives them the platform they need to make their contributions towards preserving the environment.

Literary Club – MUZAHIRA

The club aims to foster a love for language, enhance literary creativity and provide an avenue for self-expression beyond the school curriculum. In addition to driving the schools’ Editorial board, the club focuses on honing the literary skills of students.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)- DECODE

ICT or Information and Communication Technology Club aims to nurture creative and programming skills in students, helping them sharpen their research and presentation skills. It helps students improve their design capabilities through web designing and their skills with ICT

Dance Movement and Theatre Club- NAVRANG

Navrang provides an outlet for making creative choices, thinking new ideas and interpreting material in expressive ways that are the essence of drama. The club endeavors to help discover the hidden dancer and artist in each individual.


Iridescence allows students with a shared interest in art to gather and create. It provides artistic opportunities beyond the classroom. It is a platform to enhance their innate creativity and self-expression, foster love and appreciation of art and to gain a greater understanding of concepts and ideas in the world.

Music Club- RAGA

The aim of the club is to provide a platform for the school’s music talent – helping them master their skills at singing or a musical instrument and their ability to perform individually or in a group. The students are encouraged to create their own music and rhythm.


The purpose of peace club is to promote kindness, respect, compassion, acceptance, and harmony in the student body. It aims to prepare them for building a peaceful world by empowering them with necessary knowledge, attitudes and skills.

Heritage club- DHAROHAR

The Heritage Club programs are designed to involve students in various activities geared towards heritage awareness. Every student who becomes a member of heritage club is motivated to participate in heritage conservation and to learn more about their local and natural heritage.