Our learning environment

We believe that the environment is the third teacher. Each grade is conceived & planned around the idea of a 'school within a school' creating learning communities having multiple learning studios & inter connectable learning suites with many of them extending out into larger learning commons. All of these learning communities are designed keeping in the mind the respective age groups, their interests and needs of the learners. Low - slung couches, colourful beanbags & other soft furnishings in a flexible & agile environments are all aimed at providing a safe, stimulating and child friendly ambience that encourages independence, collaboration, responsibility, creativity, critical thinking while retaining the fun element in learning.

Research has proven & directly linked significant improvement in educational outcomes from environments that value & nurture individual needs, talent & skill rather than subjecting them to forcefully learn from within the four walls of a classroom. The flexibility in space Ambience Pubic School, Gurgaon will provide is aimed at creating an anytime anywhere learning culture amongst the students & teachers alike taking full advantage of a harmonious inter & intra personal relationship within each of the student centred learning communities.

Learning Environment Learning Environment Learning Environment Learning Environment Learning Environment Learning Environment

The Media center

Our media center is a place where our young learners can be happily engaged in literary pursuits in a very supportive learning environment. It provides a quiet bower for those looking to get lost in the world of distant seas or mysteries of a different world. Our students enjoy predicting, visualizing, creating their own impressions and finding their own voice through literature circles, author interaction, creative writing and collaborative projects. Our students are comfortable with digital literacy and our encouraged to pursue research using safe sources.



Our laboratories provide our young learners to inquire, explore, discover and experiment thus constructing their own understanding of how things work. Be it the culinary lab, Discovery area or Science zone students have ample opportunities for hands on learning. In fact, the entire school, is one big learning laboratory. Digital literacy, safe use of media tools and technology are subjects that are given due importance.

Lab Lab Lab


Our students are encouraged to investigate benefits of nutrition and explore ways of eating healthy foods. We have a cafeteria and food court with a culinary lab attached to it.


Health & wellbeing center

We ascribe to the philosophy that illness is not merely absence of disease and so encourage healthy living. We encourage our students to adopt a healthy life style. Through various initiatives we sensitize all our stakeholders in Safety- personal, emotional, road, internet and discuss actions to be taken when feeling unsafe.


Sports & auditorium

Sports forms an integral part of the curriculum with facilities for basket-ball, volleyball, football, cricket, squash, gymnastics, skating, table tennis and chess. Children learn team spirit, fairplay, leadership, self -regulation and conflict resolution in a social context.

Audi Audi Audi Ground Ground Ground


The school has an excellent transport network comprising air conditioned buses. Every bus has an experienced and trained staff in addition to a care taker to ensure the safety and security of the students.