Admission Notification
Academic Session 2019-20

Registration for Admission opens from Grade Nursery to Grade VIII for the academic session 2020-21

  • Registration for Admission open from Grade Nursery to Grade VIII. Registration forms can be submitted online by clicking on the 'Online registration form' button. Forms also available at school reception on all working days from 8:30am to 3pm.
  • Filling and submission of Registration form does not guarantee admission to the school as it is dependent on availability of seats.
  • Incomplete forms will not be processed further.
Online registration form Fee structure 2019-2020

Documents Required at the time of Submission of registration form:

  • Attested copy of Birth Certificate from Municipal Corporation (in original)
  • Signature of both parents(Not applicable in case of single parent)
  • Proof of Residence (copy of passport/ copy of rent agreement)
  • Photocopy of Report Card of last two years to be attached with the Registration Form (not applicable for Pre Primary grades).
  • TC from the previous School (not applicable for Pre Primary Grades).
  • Photographs of the Student, Mother & Father(4 each).

Code of Conduct

Although school rules target specific areas of behavior, our Code of Conduct defines a wider, more general ethical standard based on our core philosophy.

Resourcefulness, Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, commitment to excellence, willingness to lead and serve being our core principles we expect all our staff and students to model these and in all our transactions.

We value People and respect every individual embracing the rich diversity that is brought in by different individuals and expect these values to be reflected in our day to day interaction.
We are Passionate about putting in our very best effort in everything we do, and We are aware of the interrelatedness between ourselves and our environment and are conscious of our responsibility towards our surroundings and our planet.

Good behavior, courtesy, mutual respect and discipline are the foundations of good education. We expect and insist on the highest standards of behavior from our staff and students.

We request the guardians to help us by ensuring that

  • Your ward dresses sharp and appropriately.
  • Your ward is punctual.
  • Your ward carries books / note books according to the time table for that day.
  • Your ward puts in best effort be it home assignments, projects or assessments.
  • You keep yourself abreast with what is happening at school by following the circulars and other communication sent by the school and attending the parent teacher interactive sessions.
  • Any change in your address or telephone number is intimated immediately to the school authorities.
  • Children value money and do not carry too much spending money.
  • Children are not allowed to bring mobiles, crackers, colors, cameras and electronic devices etc. to the school.
  • Once at school children go home only at the time of dispersal. In case of an emergency the school will inform the parents to pick up their ward.
  • Your ward attends school regularly and any absence is with prior permission.
  • In case of medical reasons school must be informed about the same. You are requested to also fill in the Record of Absence column in the almanac.
  • A student returning to school after an infectious disease must first report to school medical room for clearance.
  • For security reasons, to refrain from sending any food items or any other material for your ward during school hours.

Policy regarding bullying and personal conduct

Resourcefulness, Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, commitment to excellence, willingness to lead and serve. These are reflected in the school’s educational environment and can be seen in all our transactions. Through role modeling, values of self-discipline, self-reliance, fair play and compassion are inculcated in the entire school community. The school aims to engage all stake holders by touching their hearts.

  • Possession or indulging in smoking, gambling, drinking, consuming drugs, tobacco products is prohibited
  • Possession or bursting of crackers and possession or throwing of colors on one another within or near school premises is not acceptable
  • Late arrival in classes / school is discouraged
  • Misconduct, indiscipline and misbehaviour in the school transport in not acceptable.
  • Bringing self - driven motor vehicles to the school is not permitted.
  • Sloganeering, signature campaign or writing on the school uniform in and around school premises is prohibited
  • Bullying or lowering the dignity of a fellow student in any form, is not acceptable.
  • Stealing, practical jokes, or 'borrowing' items without permission or collecting money for personal use, are not acceptable.
  • School property is to be respected and handled with care.
  • Anything which could cause injury to self or others should not be brought to the school.
  • Students are expected to conduct themselves with dignity and decorously. Rowdy behavior or abusive language is unacceptable.
  • Regulations governing school transport must be strictly observed in the interest and safety of all.
  • Grievous or repeated infringement of school rules will lead to logical consequences.
  • If a child has missed assessment / evaluation exam due to medical reasons he/she shall be granted medical leave only on doctor's certification.
  • Attendance on the last working day of the session is compulsory. No child will be allowed to leave early unless there is an emergency. Parents are therefore, requested to make travel plans accordingly.

Birthday celebration

Birthdays are special and we take great pride in making it a special day.However, parents are requested not to send expensive gifts to be distributed to children & teachers in school. Ordering snacks for birthday celebration from the school cafeteria shall be considered only after prior approval from the respective Head. A total amount of Rs 50/- per head will be allowed. Students are expected to be in school uniform when they are in school unless otherwise specified.


If a pupil is being withdrawn from the school, parents should submit a written request giving a minimum of one months' notice.

Fee payments

School fee is payable from 1st to 10th in the first month of every quarter starting from 01 April, 01 July, 01 October and 01 January. The fee can be deposited at the school accounts office/designated bank branch. The details thereof can be found on the fee - slips issued by the school. If 10th happens to be a holiday, the fee will be accepted on the next working day without any late fee. For fee paid after the last date of every quarter, a late fee fine of Rs. 100 per day will be levied. This fine will not be waived under any circumstances. If the tuition fee for two consecutive months remains unpaid, your ward’s name will be struck off the school rolls and re-admission will have to be sought on payment of admission fee again subject to availability of the seats. In case of dishonored cheques, an additional fine of Rs 500 will be charged.

Regulations regarding the media resource centre

The Media Resource Centre houses books, electronic books and material, with computer access and small group bays for study. Students are expected to use these responsibly. They should not tamper or deface, any item in any way. If any items are borrowed from the library, the normal checkout / in procedures should be followed. Items should be returned by the designated date or a fine of Rs. 10/- per item per overdue day will be charged.

Academic integrity

Ambience Public School demands and promotes Academic Integrity. We expect students to desist from:

  • Presenting someone else’s work as their own.
  • Using forbidden material during tests and exams.
  • Asking or helping other students during tests and exams.
  • Altering corrections or marks.
  • Plagiarism

Technology use agreement

We aim to promote educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing. Access is provided to voice, data and electronic communication for educational purposes. Therefore, students are not permitted to access electronic mail or social networking website through our network unless directly supervised by a teacher and required for educational purpose. Cases of Cyber Bullying will be dealt with strictly by the school authorities.

Terms and conditions for responsible use of network


  • Access only those files, computers and settings which are assigned to you.
  • Use internet safely
  • Adhere to copyright laws


  • Share your password or reveal your personal details
  • Access or download any illegal or abusive material
  • Access other people’s files
  • Use or connect to electronic storage, messaging service, email etc. without permission

School cafeteria

The cafeteria provides healthy nutritious snacks at a reasonable cost. Students are provided a light snack and lunch during the day. Weekly menu for the same is shared on the website.

Medical History

It is important that the school is aware of your child’s medical history. Kindly share any / all information which can help the school to help understand the child’s needs better. This can be done by giving all the details at the time of admission and through the filling in the relevant page in the almanac thereafter. The school has First Aid medical facilities on site. A full time qualified nursing sister is on duty during school hours and provision of daily visit by a doctor. Parents will, of course, be contacted in case of any emergency. If a child has contracted any contagious disease e.g. measles, mumps, whooping cough, eye flu etc. they should be kept at home until fully recovered, in the interest of the other students.

Transport rules

  • School bus routes are drafted keeping all logistics in mind. Before enrolling for the transport service parents must satisfy themselves about the available routes. It will not be possible to extend / divert routes for individual students.
  • Students will be picked and dropped from assigned bus stops.
  • Students are expected to be at the bus stop atleast ten minutes before the expected time. Buses will not wait at any bus stop.
  • Parents or escorts assigned to pick up students from bus stop should be present ten minutes in advance. In case no one is present to pick a child the child will be brought back to school and parents will be required to make arrangements to pick the child from school.
  • Students are expected to sit after boarding the bus and not move about in the bus.
  • Discarding trash inside or throwing it outside the bus is not appreciated and will invite serious action.

School uniform

Students are expected to be well turned out in school uniform on every working day, including examination days, excursions and during extra classes. Students must be in proper school uniform if they visit the school after the school hours, during PTMs or on holidays.



Nursery to KG
Formal Uniform - Every Monday & Thursday
White half sleeves shirt with school monogram, Red & Blue checkered shorts (BOYS), Red & Blue checkered knee length tunic (GIRLS), School socks, Black shoes.
Sports Wear-Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Navy blue track pants (with white piping), Red t-shirts (with collars for Nursery), Blue t-shirts (with collars for KG), School socks, Black shoes.

Formal Uniform - Every Monday & Thursday
White half sleeves shirt with school monogram, Blue trousers (BOYS), Red & Blue checkered knee length skirts with underpants/blue trousers (GIRLS), School Belt School, Socks Black shoes.
Sports Wear-Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Navy blue track pants (with white piping), House t-shirts (with collars)



Nursery To KG

Sports Wear- Monday to Friday
Navy blue track pants (with fleece & white piping), Navy blue jacket (with hood), Round neck full sleeves (red sweat shirt), Woollen socks, Black shoes.

Formal Uniform - Every Monday & Thursday
Full sleeves white shirt, Woollen Grey trousers (BOYS), Woollen Grey trousers/Grey skirt with underpants (GIRLS) Navy blue sweater (sleeveless/full sleeves), School Belt, School Tie, School Blazer, School socks (woollen), Black shoes.
Sports Wear-Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Navy blue track pants (with fleece & white piping), Navy blue jacket (without hood), Round neck full sleeves (house sweat shirt)

Other specific requirements:

  • Shoes except the ones permitted, will not be allowed to be worn to School.
  • Sikh boys may wear blue turban.
  • Boys must have a neat and short haircut. Spikes, mushroom cut or any other stylish haircut is not allowed.
  • Students except Sikh boys must be clean shaven.
  • Girls must use black hair band to tie their hair.
  • No ostentatious jewelry is allowed. Boys are not allowed to wear ear studs. Nails must be trimmed and no nail paint is allowed to be worn.