Spread over 5 acres, Ambience Public School Gurgaon with its sprawling campus, is a vibrant new age school, that offers quality education of international standard which includes character education and education for life, to students in the age group 3 years to 12 years.

The school is a safe, barrier free haven for young learners with its beautifully, airy and inviting learning spaces that are educational laboratories that fosters creativity, individuality and commitment. With state of the art infrastructure and facilities and an impassioned team the school caters to the educational needs of K to 12 students by preparing them for their future roles in the society. A child centric school where the focus is on inquiry, exploration and collaboration and where the teachers are facilitators and partners in the learning process, the school endeavors to nurture self-reliant and responsible global citizens. The school follows CBSE curriculum.

The School vision

We as a learning community create a stimulating, safe and respectful environment where staff and students explore, discover, learn and grow in order to manifest their highest potential and contribute meaningfully to the society.

Our mission

  1. Through an engaging differentiated and learner centred curriculum prepare students with strong sense of ownership and responsibility, ethics and values for their future roles in this fast changing world.
  2. To inculcate the love of life-long learning, nurture growth and creativity through problem solving, critical thinking and inquiry based learning.

The School motto

Humanity First

We believe in the inherent goodness of every individual and our endeavour is to be the best versions of ourselves.

School core values

We will provide our students an environment that challenges them into discovering their talent and skills. Resourcefulness, Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, commitment to excellence, willingness to lead and serve. These will be reflected in the school’s educational environment and will be seen in all our transactions so that our students will be ethical, respectful, happy and purposeful citizens of society.


Mr Raj Singh Gehlot, the dynamic and charismatic chairman of Ambience group of Companies is a man with a heart of gold. A chartered accountant by profession, his dream is to establish a world class institution that provides a safe and stimulating environment where children are nurtured with loving care. The school is the realization of a long cherished dream of his late father Shri Nihal Singh, a visionary educator and thought leader of his times. An extraordinarily disciplined man, Mr. Gehlot feels that the importance of discipline and education in the life of an individual cannot be overstated. It shapes an individual and influences the choices made by him in later years.

Mr Raj Singh Gehlot

The Chairman

Mr. Raj Singh Gehlot

He believes that every child has the inherent capability to succeed, all they need is the right atmosphere which encourages discovery, a spirit of enquiry and the ability to communicate effectively. According to him education must be meaningful and relevant and must equip the child with the necessary life skills that are required to become valuable members of the society. His guiding principle is to keep the interest of the institution and society at large while taking any decision.

He says, "If you are planning for a year sow rice, if you are planning for a decade plant trees, if you are planning for a life time educate".


Charming and dignified Ms. Sheela Gehlot exudes exuberance in her thoughts and approach to education. A hands on person herself she encourages experiential learning as children learn best by doing. Her belief is that every individual should strive towards becoming the best they can be. She feels that apart from the usual business of literacy and numeracy children must learn self- respect and respect for others, problem solving, conflict management and aesthetics in order to become complete individuals. Even though very involved with all the school activities she feels closest to the children in the Pre Primary wing and is always looking for new ways to make learning a joyful experience.

Ms Sheela Gehlot

Co-chairperson & Manager

Ms. Sheela Gehlot


An impassioned leader Ms. Anuradha Rai is the founder Principal of Ambience Public School Gurugram, a new age school that caters to the needs of K-12 learners. With a vast and diverse experience spanning more than 25 years as an educationist and over a decade as an administrator, Ms. Rai has a buning zeal to make education relevant to the needs of the present times.

A master teacher who believes in democratizing and sharing knowledge, she is the Team Lead of the Ambience Teacher Mentoring ECHO for school teachers and counsellors since 2015. During this time, she has mentored more than 360 school teachers, both from private as well as public schools.

Ambience School Gurgaon Principal


Ms. Anuradha Rai

Ms. Rai holds a Masters in English Literature and Bachelors degree in Education. She was awarded Honorary D.Litt. by University of South America in 2018. She received the State Teacher Award by the Federation of Private Schools in 2012.

As a Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program fellow Ms. Rai describes her time spent at Montana State University and Bozeman High School as a Life changing experience which made her a more reflective teacher and inspired her to look for ways to make a difference to her own Teaching Practice and that of others.

A firm believer in each individual’s unique potential, her endeavor is to ensure a Learning environment that is open inviting, safe and that enables each individual to manifest their highest potential.


Passionately committed to the interest of providing quality education to our young citizens, Ms Kavita Malik propagates the philosophy that there’s a key to each child and that each child is an individual who deserves a well-balanced start to education, concentrating equally on all areas of learning. Her philosophy is that “There’s more to literacy than ABC and more to Math than 1,2,3...”.
She has a Bachelor’s Degrees in Commerce and Education and a diverse experience of teaching in international schools on one hand and public schools in India on the other. She has first-hand experience of the considerations parents need to make when choosing schools and strongly believes that parents are partners in the learning growth of the children

Ambience School Gurgaon Headmistress


Ms. Kavita Malik


Our staff are partners in the teaching learning process learning. Our commitment towards setting high standards can be seen in the attitude of our faculty that is amongst the best and the most committed. With an eclectic mix of experience and youth the team is highly committed towards making teaching a meaningful and enjoyable experience.