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Welcome to
Ambience Public School, Gurgaon

We as a school have our own distinctive character and ideology and are committed towards creating a stimulating and safe environment where everyone learns and respects each other. Our commitment towards setting high standards can be seen in the efforts and attitude of our staff.

Pupils are valued for their best efforts and positive behavior is reinforced as we consciously water the helpful seeds. Through innovative techniques and latest pedagogy, twenty first century skills and service learning opportunities we strive to enhance life-long learning, nurture growth and responsibility and inspire greatness.

Student learning is our priority and our aim is to help each student realize his or her highest potential. Students are encouraged to take risks and find their inner voice enabling them to become thought leaders and agents of change who are ready to take their place under the sun.

Top 3 reasons
that make Ambience different

Ambience School Gurgaon picture - Idea based curriculam

Idea based curriculum

  • Influenced by the Emilia Reggio approach to learning which focuses on the child's image as a person and his individuality
  • By creating a conducive learning environment students are encouraged to take ownership for their learning with teachers as facilitators
Ambience School Gurgaon picture - Beyond the written word

Beyond the written word

  • Resourcefulness over rote learning, communication over conflict, integrity and ethics over one up-man-ship, compassion over confrontation
  • A learner centered approach that supports the development of thinking
Ambience School Gurgaon picture - Environment as the teacher

Environment as the teacher

  • Commodious open classrooms for boundless open and active learning
  • Open air theater, laboratories, sports fields and media centers for 21st century teaching at this one of a kind, new-age school
  • Ideal teacher pupil ratio

Childhood is a magical period in one’s life, a fact that is often forgotten during the planning and transaction of the curriculum.

- Mrs Anuradha Rai